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The ethos of Generate Energy is to provide a one stop shop for commercial businesses who are looking for ways to combat the spiralling energy consumption liabilities that are impacting businesses today.

Initially Generate Energy will need to install a power logger and/or conduct an energy audit so we can evaluate your business' energy consumption and procedures. Once we have analysed the data Generate Energy will formulate a 'Total Energy Solution Package' which will be aimed at reducing your business' energy consumption and carbon footprint.

The 'Total Energy Solution Package' we will offer can employ various energy management solutions such as:

Generate Energy has the ability to supply and install all the solutions that we offer in our packages with our in-house team.

We can also offer very attractive finance options that are aimed at providing a positive cash position and do not require any initial capital outlay (apart from application fees). What we mean by "positive cash position" is that the money that our package saves per month is greater than the monthly finance payments resulting in a net monthly gain. Finance plans are usually 5 years in length with no balloon or residual payment and ownership is passed onto the client upon conclusion. As it is actually classed as a rental during the finance period there are also many tax benefits.

Generate Energy will be more than happy to organise a free initial consultation and site visit so you can meet our team face to face and we can begin formulating a package tailored to your individual energy consumption profile.

If you are interested in getting the ball rolling and organising a free consultation please contact Generate Energy on 1300 06 06 33 or E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Increasing electricity price rises poses significant challenges for Australian Businesses.

Installing a Commercial Solar Power system represents a solution which can reduce electricity costs immediately and significantly cut business risk moving forward into the future

At Generate Energy Pty Ltd, we are committed to energy efficiency and can help you achieve your energy goals. We provide energy auditing of factories, offices, housing and almost any premises that uses electricity, serving clients through-out South Australia.

Electricity demand in South Australia is continuously increasing with the connection of new businesses and homes. This puts increasing pressure on the network causing short peaks in demand. The aim of Demand Management is to encourage a change in electricity usage.

At Generate Energy we can help you achieve your business goals through effective lighting. We also know that everyone’s lighting requirements are unique, so we will always make sure thatwe fully understand your requirements before a solution is recommended. We work in tandem with our clients and suppliers to ensure that we find a solution that works best, whether it be aesthetics, efficiency, practicality or cost.

In partnership with major financial institutions, Generate Energy is able to facilitate finance for our clients to install commercial solar PV systems at zero upfront capital cost. This empowers our clients to pay for the system via a number of monthly repayments, avoiding the need to tie up large amounts of capital and thereby improving cash flow. Repayments can be structured so that electricity cost savings generated by the solar PV system can partly or completely cover the cost of the repayments.

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Energy Efficiency Solutions

Solar Installations

With a host of government incentives and lower panels prices there is no better time than now to consider a solar installation for your home.

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Energy Efficiency Audits

Through analysing your equipment and energy usage patterns we can work with you in coming up with an Energy Efficiency Plan. A good Energy Efficiency Plan in many cases can reduce a sites base load by up to 30%.

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Finance Options

Take advantage of taxation incentives and reduce capital expenditure by leasing your energy efficient improvement. A lease option offers excellent an excellent return on investment.

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