Why is your warranty voided if your solar power inverter is mounted in direct sunlight?



Installing a solar system is an excellent way to eliminate your power bills and use clean energy to power your home. A well-designed and installed solar power system with quality equipment is designed to last decades. Purchasing a residential solar energy system is an investment. It is crucial to protect that investment so you can get the most value from your solar panels.

Premature equipment failure can erode your financial returns, causing you to get less value from your solar panel system. Thankfully, equipment warranties, labor warranties, solar system monitoring, and homeowners insurance can all work together to ensure a solar system is working well for decades. Let’s explore how these all work, so you can make an informed decision about going solar and protecting your investment.


How do solar warranties work?


All the solar panels, inverters, and batteries that Generate Energy install come with equipment warranties. When selecting which solar products to use, we examine warranties, performance, durability, and value.


What is a “workmanship warranty?”


The workmanship warranty on your solar panels covers any physical defects that stem from manufacturing errors. Some examples might be:

  • Imperfections in the frame or glass
  • Loose junction boxes
  • Faulty connectors
  • Bad cells or damaged cell connections
  • Defective backsheet


If the panel malfunctions due to a manufacturing defect, that is covered under the workmanship warranty.


What is a “performance warranty?”


The performance warranty guarantees your panels will produce near their rated output over the life of ownership.


Solar Inverters Under Direct Sunlight


Solar inverters aren’t designed to cope with the harsh Australian sun for hours on end. An hour or two probably won’t hurt in the morning or late afternoon. But if your inverter is coping with direct sunlight for several hours or more a day, it probably won’t even last 5 years. Make sure your installers put an awning above it to provide shade.

Environmental conditions play a vital role in deciding the location of a solar inverter. It includes temperature and humidity. Since exposure to direct sunlight can cause overheating of the components, it can reduce the inverter efficiency. So, choose a shaded spot away from direct sunlight. Not only it enhances inverter efficiency, but it also promotes lifespan.

Apart from this, a properly ventilated and cool place is recommended for installing a solar inverter as almost all inverters produce heat as a normal part of their operation and require space for heat dissipation. The humidity and water vapors can lead to corrosion. So, choose a location away from the potential water sources, including rain and swimming pool pumps.

Generally, solar inverters come with a 5-year warranty that can be extended up to 10-years. However, your inverter warranty can be prematurely nullified due to installation errors. It includes faulty connection, roof damage, no space for heat dissipation, and more.


If you don't want to void your warranty period, hire Generate Energy to install your solar inverter. Contact us here. We’re excited to help you on your journey with solar!

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