What are the common problems that can go wrong with cheap solar power systems?



When it comes to buying solar power, spending too little risks disaster. At the same time, buying only the best components available can really bump up the price.

If you want to buy an inexpensive PV system you’re pretty much limited to what installers have on offer. If you request lower cost components an installer is not likely to be able to order them in and pass on the savings to you.

Installers have reputations to uphold and an installer who takes pride in their work — and trust me you’ll want one of these — won’t want to use components they suspect won’t be reliable or are simply unsure of. It’s pointless to try to convince a good installer to use low-cost hardware they’re not happy about. If they care about the quality of their work you won’t get anywhere.


Stay away from cheap systems


Remember that truly cheap solar panels are not only inexpensive but they are usually made of poor quality materials. Unfortunately, many solar energy system installers are more concerned with installing as many cheap systems as possible without paying much attention to the quality or durability of those systems or the way they’re installed.

It's been proven that if you spend a bit extra, you get better generation, better warranted products and panels that will last longer and do the 25-year full product warranty. You may have saved a little bit of money from the start by going a little bit cheaper, but in the long run, it's going to cost you more because you may need to spend thousands of dollars to repair or replace that system.

Money can be saved by using lower cost solar hardware if it is competently installed. But there are some reasons why the savings may not be as great as you expect.


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