Is it cheaper in the long-term to pay more for a higher quality solar power system?



For years you may have been told that switching to solar panels to run your electricity will save you money in the long run. Sure it helps protect the planet but is making the switch an excellent investment to help save you from skyrocketing energy costs?

While you may be tempted to purchase a cheaper solar panel system, you will reap greater rewards in investing in higher quality equipment that will not need replacement and expensive patience to maintain. It is always good to research your options thoroughly before deciding on new solar panels.

Just like every innovative technology, the price of solar panels has dropped over the years as more people adopt this sustainable way of life. As time goes on solar energy will become an affordable option for many families from all walks of life across the globe.


Is a quality solar system worth the investment?


For grid-tied homeowners, the math is clear: solar costs less than buying power from the utility company in the long run. Choosing to buy the best quality system may be a decision that delivers you a good performance system for at least 25 years, and from that perspective, you are making the most of your financial investment.

Are you able to reduce your energy bills through solar power? Absolutely. Reduced energy bills are the primary reason most people switch to solar, and once it's installed, it requires virtually no work from you.

Not only are you going to be able to save money on your energy bills, but you'll also be able to sell energy back to the grid, or use it yourself later with a battery storage system. If true energy independence is what you want, you can try to produce all your energy needs through your solar system, and invest in a battery to store your excess energy for future use.

The payback period is around 8-9 years if you hire someone to install your system. When you measure that against the 25-year warranty on your panels, you’re looking at serious energy bill savings over the life of ownership.


Sunlight costs $0


At the end of the day, sunlight costs nothing. Abundant, renewable, and reliable, the sun is one of our most brilliant natural resources. By contrast, fossil fuels like coal and natural gas can’t be replaced, and their cost is at the will of market forces often beyond our control.

The country’s solar potential is tremendous. The sun even still delivers daylight to solar panels through the rain and clouds. Unlike fossil fuels, sunlight will never go away. You can count on it every day.


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