Hi Fresh Hydroponics saves electricity costs thanks to Solar Power




The Story Behind


Dino Musolino started his business in 1997 in Virginia, South Australia by growing hydroponic lettuce, and adding value to their product. They broke away from a broadacre arrangement that was part of their family business from 1955.

Dino wanted to be more diverse than growing in the field, so he studied hydroponics. Since then, their products are predominantly sold in South Australia and Victoria into independent grocery supermarkets, Foodlands, IGAs and FoodWorks.

Hi Fresh Hyprodonics had a big dream and aimed to be one of the best in Australia. Since the goal is to save more money, they decided to level up their game by switching to using solar power in their operations. They needed expert assistance to achieve their goal, and Generate Energy was able to guide them and provide them with the service they needed.


Hi Fresh Hyprodonics’ Capacity and Operations


Hi Fresh Hyprodonics plants around 25,0000 to 30,000 individual seedlings on a weekly basis. They have 24-hour continuous pumping for the hydroponic arrangements. They utilise cool rooms that are continuously running, but they also have a processing operation that consumes a reasonable amount of power during operating hours.

The operation has three facets: a team that works in the hydroponic arrangement, a team working on the broadacre where products are supplied to processing, and a DC in the Adelaide produce markets.

Saving $4000 a month in electricity costs


The cost of power plays a significant role in the business’ operation. Finally utilising solar power in the business has helped in the company’s financials. Hi Fresh Hyprodonics dominantly uses a lot more energy in the operations during the summer. Thanks to solar power, they are saving more money as they are getting more energy during the daylight hours.

For Hi Fresh Hyprodonics, using solar power in their business is a game changer. When looking for a solar power installer, you need to make sure they have a good reputation, and that they’re going to be reliable.

If you are interested in installing solar on your Adelaide home or business, request a quote with Generate Energy or contact us today.


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