Why should you spend extra on a higher quality solar panel?



You buy cheap, you buy twice


Everyone is obviously looking for ways to reduce their power bills, and get the most out of their hard-earned money. There's a funny saying in Australia, "You buy cheap, you buy twice." And it’s true. You've probably seen a lot of cheaper panels on the market, and everybody's got a friend who's got a story like this:

"Oh, my solars don't work anymore".
"My panels don't operate".
"My inverter had to be replaced".

It should be done correctly from the start. You spend a bit of extra money, get it done properly, and you'll experience great service for a good number of years.


Why should you spend extra on a higher quality solar panel?


When you choose a long-lasting solar panel, you get the best environmental outcome. Obviously, the use of solar power is to help with CO2 reduction. Choosing cheap solar panels that immediately fail is very ironic because that panel ends up in a landfill. In this case, solar actually contributes to climate change - and we don't want that.

Choosing to buy the best quality system may be a decision that delivers you a good performance system for at least 25 years, and from that perspective, you are making the most of your financial investment.

Are you able to reduce your energy bills through solar power? Absolutely. Reduced energy bills is the primary reason most people switch to solar, and once it's installed, it requires virtually no work from you.

Not only are you going to be able to save money on your energy bills, but you'll also be able to sell energy back to the grid, or use it yourself later with a battery storage system. If true energy independence is what you want, you can try to produce all your energy needs through your solar system, and invest in a battery to store your excess energy for future use.


Maximising your solar panel investment


It is important to look at all the variable products on the market and pick the one with the highest quality. This will ensure that you're going to get long-term performance out of the system so that you don't fall short in three to five years and have issues.

There are best practices on how solar panels should be set up, and numerous components to utilise in the systems. Electricians usually give you advice and discuss how they have designed the systems to last in the long term.

When installing a solar panel system, you can typically expect a 50% to 70% reduction in your energy bills. You may not achieve a $0 electric bill depending on your usage and energy provider. But to get closer to that goal, you should consider installing a battery storage system to store excess energy and use it later when the sun isn’t shining.



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