Hi Fresh Hydroponics - Decisions Before Going Solar



Before Going Solar


Dino Musolino started Hi Fresh Hyprodonics in 1997 in Virginia, South Australia by growing hydroponic lettuce. Since then, their products are predominantly sold in South Australia and Victoria into independent grocery supermarkets, Foodlands, IGAs and FoodWorks.

Their operation has a team that works in the hydroponic arrangement, and on the broadacre where products are supplied to processing. They plant around 25,0000 to 30,000 individual seedlings on a weekly basis, and they have 24-hour continuous pumping for the hydroponic arrangements. Cool rooms are utilised continuously, and they also have a processing operation that consumes a reasonable amount of power during operating hours.

Since the business is continuously growing, they made a goal to save more money by switching to using solar power in their operations. Unfortunately, choosing the best Solar Panel installer didn’t come easily.


What were the buying decisions for Dino's business after his first solar system caught fire?


After they did a little research, they started using 30 kilowatts of solar power in their operations. However, the panels were made from poor quality materials, and the installation wasn't done correctly. As a result, they experienced two fires. Luckily, they were not on-site when the fires happened.

Eventually, Dino started to look at improving their processes and finding the best solar panel installer. They considered bulk buying solar, where they could bring a greater benefit to people within the industry and their neighbours. There were a number of companies that presented to them and they also got independent advice about the best solar panels and equipment to use.

There were several important things they wanted to consider before choosing a new solar installer. They wanted to check the security of the warranty and support from the company going forward.


Generate Energy meets Hi Fresh Hyprodonics


In finding any type of good contractor, you need to make sure they have a good reputation, and that they’re going to be reliable. The best way you can do that is to do some research of your own online (reviews, testimonials, social mentions), and to ask them for more information about their company and their process.

When talking to installers, keep in mind that not all solar services are made equal. Some of them are going to have more services than others, such as free maintenance for a certain period of time, or a longer warranty.

Generate Energy helped Hi Fresh Hyprodonics to reach their goal of saving more money and knowing that they are in good hands.

If you are interested in installing solar on your Adelaide home or business, request a quote with Generate Energy or contact us today.

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