Enphase Energy, based in Northern California, is led by veterans from the solar, telecom, networking and software industries, and backed by leaders from throughout the solar power industry.


By combining the power of solar energy and the proven advantages of communications technology, Enphase Energy products make solar power systems productive, reliable, smart and safe – increasing the energy harvest of solar panels by up to 25 percent. Enphase now have a full team of experts based in our Melbourne office to service our growing installer network across the country with technical, sales and marketing support.

Enphase Microinverters stand up to extreme heat

Enphase micro inverters generate less heat than other inverters, protecting internal parts from damage due to extreme heat.

Enphase technology provides a better value

Enphase technology produces more energy with lower operations and maintenance costs, which substantially racks up the savings over a system's lifetime

Enphase systems include critical consumption monitoring functionality

Generate Energy Enphase system all include Enphase consumption monitoring (one of the features that homeowners find most valuable when purchasing a solar system!)

Enphase Microinverters are more reliable

Enphase Microinverters have no moving parts and only have to deal with individual panel volatges of 60V maximum compared to traditional string inverters that have up to 600V. Enphase also do not have a singlepoint of failure!



Providing Adelaide with Cutting Edge
Energy Efficiency Solutions

Solar Installations

With a host of government incentives and lower panels prices there is no better time than now to consider a solar installation for your home.

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Energy Efficiency Audits

Through analysing your equipment and energy usage patterns we can work with you in coming up with an Energy Efficiency Plan. A good Energy Efficiency Plan in many cases can reduce a sites base load by up to 30%.

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Finance Options

Take advantage of taxation incentives and reduce capital expenditure by leasing your energy efficient improvement. A lease option offers excellent an excellent return on investment.

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