Why Cheap Solar Systems Aren't All They're Cracked Up to Be



When it comes to cheap solar systems the old adage “poor man pays twice” can really ring true. There’s no controversy surrounding the fact that in a free country businesses can put forward whatever kind of offer they want to the market, provided it doesn’t break any laws. But that doesn’t mean a lot of the offers out there are actually a good idea for you to take up. Unfortunately, many keen to get solar products at a cut-price cost have been stung by this reality and it’s not hard to understand why.
While most solar installers in Australia are quality businesses that seek to really deliver for their customers, there’s a small but noticeable number of operations that engage in some questionable practices. This includes some of the largest installation companies in the country, some of whom use sports stars and celebrities in an attempt to gain your trust! For any of our readers currently considering a solar installation, it’s important to know some of the issues that can exist surrounding cheap solar.


A Cloudy Future With Low-Quality Solar


Australia is right now in the midst of a massive solar installation boom. We’ve seen installation records broken from one year to the next. It’s held that we have the highest uptake of rooftop solar globally. But sadly for no small number of Aussies who’ve encountered a dodgy installer, there’s been little cause for celebration.

With a new rooftop solar system in place, you should be looking forward to all the benefits that can flow from having panels generating power on your rooftop. But for those who’ve gotten a low-quality rooftop installation from a questionable installer, a different journey can unfold.

Often before long - and sometimes even immediately following - a low-quality rooftop installation, a painful process kicks off. One where the system fails to perform properly - and perhaps even at all! - and the installer is no help in addressing the customer’s concern. This can effectively leave the household stuck with a junker of a system.

Sometimes a quality solar installer may be able to step in and help correct some problems. But often, the only way for a household with a low-quality solar product to have one that performs well is to simply rip out the previous installation and get a new one in its place from a quality solar installer. This is not a pleasant path, but it’s commonly the only option available if the customer is intent on (finally!) getting a solar installation that works properly.

Questionable and Quality Solar Installers Compared


There’s a number of signs to watch out for that could point to a questionable solar installer:

  • Rock bottom pricing with no mention of brands except for the words “Tier 1”
  • Call centre based sales process with no offer of an at home consultation.
  • Door knockers
  • No local office/showroom - makes it very easy to shut up shop
  • No in-house installers or service staff - who is going to rectify any issues or provide warranty labour and support?
  • Poor customer service

Unfortunately if any of these signs - and certainly all of them together - are present, it’s an indication the solar installer could be sub-standard.

By contrast, a quality solar installer will:

  • Prefer to offer higher quality products/brands that they have direct relationships with
  • Will attend your home for a personalised consultation upon request
  • Have a bricks and mortar office/showroom that you can visit and proves they have roots in the community
  • Have some in-house installers and staff who conduct maintenance and servicing
  • Be happy to answer any questions and look to ensure their customer service is great all the way through - not only when they’re discussing a sale!

Finally, if there are any issues that arise after the solar installation - and this can happen due to an installation mistake or a manufacturer’s defect or recall that results in improper performance, leaks, or similar issues - a quality solar installer should will be proactive and address these issues as painlessly and as efficiently as possible.

Generate Energy provides exceptional service and quality solutions that empower our clients with sustainable and renewable energy independence.

The Foundations of a Great Solar Installer


You may be tempted by one of these advertised and unbelievably cheap solar systems because you are so keen to reap the benefits of solar, but are finding the upfront commitments a challenge. If this is the case for you, it can be useful to learn about green loans. A number of them exist across Australia. They could offer you an avenue to explore in seeking to access the funds needed for a quality solar system, while still avoiding the pitfalls that can accompany a cheap offer. In fact you would be very surprised to hear that it is very common for the repayments of these green loans to be less than the savings a solar system provides!

At the end of the day, a quality solar installer will cost more than some of the offers you see on TV or in the newspaper. But that’s the whole point. We deliver excellent service and products. What we will not deliver is constant headaches and frustration to solar buyers. So in an industry where “cheap is expensive” can really ring true, a quality solar installer will always represent great value.

So get in contact with Generate Energy today to discuss your solar and energy needs.

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